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The world of social media is dynamic. In this ever-changing space, a good social media strategy is that what finds the perfect balance between quantity of content, consistency and frequency of posts, and understanding the needs of the customer base. Above all, it is about building a sustainable plan that can drive growth for your business. At Dgreat Solutions, we give you a social media strategy based on your brands objective. Whether that may be creating awareness, paying attention to customer preferences, selling your product or service, or simply being an engaging brand that talks to its audience. We are here to set your social media presence on fire

Project summary

Avvini Athletica is an Australian women’s activewear brand who were struggling to make sales and grow their online presence. Avvini Athletica’s goal was to sell more of their products and grow. Avvini Athletica prides themselves on producing premium quality activewear with overnight delivery and exceptional customer service. 

The problem was, no one else really knew this.

Especially the multitude of potential customers who would have bought their products if they were aware of their premium quality, overnight delivery and great customer service. 


The Strategy

We suggested combining account management including content creation, influencer marketing and social media advertising. 

We agreed upon a 12-month programme to attract at least 5,000 new followers through a succession of daily posted original and fresh content which appeals to their target audience. This involved engaging more with influencers to promote their brand and attract more buying customers. 

We ran the same programme on Facebook but Instagram was where we set the targets. Facebook strategy was built around sale.

Proven Results

Within the first two months of working with DGreat Solutions, Avvini Athletica had gained over 2000 followers on Instagram, where a larger percent of their audiences are mostly active. We projected this number would grow exponentially before the end of our 12 month contract. 

Our Facebook ads budget was $1,700 and we returned almost $14,000 within the first month.

With an industry conversion rate of 1.8%. We have achieved 3.19% conversion rate. Beating the industry and competition by 1.39%.

Avvini Athletica remains a client to this day.


Sales up


Conversion rate




Overall Growth

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When you choose DGreat Solutions, you’re in the right hands, we are result oriented company that won’t let you down.

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Dami has an amazing work ethic and out of this world customer service. I know when a man truly care for my business and Dami do. I will recommend DGreat Solutions any time. 

Clive Sangster

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