With over 690 million active monthly users, LinkedIn has grown to be the world’s largest professional social media platform. LinkedIn provides businesses with the opportunity to market their products and services and connect with other business professionals across the globe. With the introduction of the polls feature, you now have an additional way to delve deeper into your marketing insights. They can be created in either your personal or business account, group or event pages.  LinkedIn polls are easy to create and are provided as an option when you start a new post.  Simply add your question with up to four responses, set a time frame (between one day to two weeks) and let your audience select their answers accordingly. You can then track the responses received by your audience.  LinkedIn Polls are a great tool for business owners to utilise and conduct beneficial market research.  Continue reading to find out how your business can benefit from them.


By creating polls, you are able to learn more about your audience including their interests, hobbies or even their likes/dislikes. By asking a series of questions relating to their own tendencies, you can start to build a profile of your target audience and learn how to best capture their attention when creating promotional content.  The more targeted content you can create, the better your conversion rates will be.


Polls are a quick and efficient way to receive feedback from your audience regarding your products or services. If you have recently launched something new, you are able to obtain a deeper insight into what people really think about it. Feedback is crucial for the development of your business and LinkedIn polls provide you with a simple way to obtain feedback from your audience, which isn’t time consuming or too complicated.


When you are able to identify any problem areas your audience are constantly faced with, you are able to provide relevant solutions to their problems. Using polls to ask questions relating to issues your audience may face can assist your business greatly. You may identify one specific area your audience is struggling with, i.e. if you are a videographer one area your audience might struggle with is editing content. This could present you with an opportunity to educate your audience on how to edit content or promote your services to assist.


If you are frequently creating content and not receiving any feedback or engagement, you could be sharing content which doesn’t necessarily appeal to your audience. LinkedIn polls can assist you in understanding where your audience stands in terms of their knowledge in your industry and to what capacity. You can ask your audience questions to cover various aspects of your services or products. By doing so, you can ensure you are creating content which actually provides value for your audience and isn’t too advanced or too basic for them to read.


Have you thought of a new business venture and are unsure whether or not it would appeal to your target market? Create a poll and ask your audience! By obtaining the feedback of your audience you are able to consider the opinions which matter the most – the opinions of your potential customers or clients. This could also present you with new opportunities which you may have not yet considered. Creating polls are an ideal way to plan ahead for your business and consider future endeavours.

If you have a LinkedIn profile and want to learn more about your audience and how your business can benefit their needs, give the polls tool a try. By using polls frequently, you can develop your business and enhance your marketing strategy.