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We drive traffic, sales, & Business growth.

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Search Engine Optimisation Consultant

Search Engine Optimisation consultant gives a service much like that of an advertising agency, only mostly online. The work performed is a bit different because instead of making real ads, they do their work in the background on a company’s website, resulting in it ranking up as far as search engine result is concerned. Payment for this highly needed and important service and for their ability and time is well worth it!


Ask for some samples of their work for other clients and describe some of their successes.
Ask if they comply with SEO guidelines for Google.
Ask if they have other strategies and planning services aside from doing optimisation for organic searches (e.g. consultation services regarding online marketing).
Ask how long before clients see the results of the SEO effort and what kind of results can be expected. Also, ask what the success criteria are (i.e. how can they tell that the SEO effort is successful).
Ask about experience as a consultant in your industry.
Ask about their experience in developing websites for international audiences.
Ask what SEO techniques are important for a top grade SEO consultant.
Ask how long they have been in operation.
Your choice of a search engine optimisation consultant will have a big impact on your business, so it is best to do some research first.


In any endeavor, getting the right person for the job is a must, especially if you are looking for consultation service. if you hire someone who is unqualified or does not know how to do the job right, you will end up wasting time and effort. In the case of search engine optimisation (SEO) – particularly for small businesses – you are also risking your company’s profits and reputation.Because of a disastrous implementation, your website could be banned from search engines leading to lesser site traffic and sales as well as negative public perception toward your company.

When should you consider getting help from a search engine optimisation consultant? A good time would be when you are planning to redesign your current website or launching a new one. You would want the input of a consultant as you develop a new website.


One of the most frequent questions that comes to mind before hiring an SEO consultant is how high is their fee. They are always wondering that how and what do the consultant services charge to clients.

There are numerous ways that consultancy services charge when they are billing their clients. They can charge hourly bases, monthly bases, fixed rate contracts, extra overheads and traveling charges. Some of this seo consultants would even prefer to provide their services upfront before charging clients a fee.


Reputation and an experienced consultant will always have a sound knowledge of the SEO techniques and latest trends. He always keeps his client advised of new and useful industry trends. Expert SEO consultant is able to provide significant analysis and discover new possibilities and resources to boost your online business.

The consultant can work with your existing staff and produce the efficient result within given timeline. Search engine giants like Google, Yahoo and Bing always keep their very secret algorithms changing. So the expert can be able to find the latest changes in search engine algorithms. Nowadays, social media sites like Facebook, and Twitter are also producing great result so the need for a consultation services are becoming more and more necessary.

Gaining high search engine rankings gives you a very high return on investment. The right implementation of Google guideline oriented strategies can give your business a great exposure and take it to the next level. Your website is your online identity and search engines are the great tool to make it more powerful and prominent.


Aside from having a high ranking website, business tractions will likely increase when your organic ranking increase. Especially if the business is in the top ten results. There are many search engines and all have different requirements about how sites are displayed and in what order or rank. Consider the many that are best known including Google, bing, Yahoo!. It doesn’t matter what the business at hand’s specialty is, the majority of customers will look online for a source. Especially now that many carry smartphones that are the final in convenience when looking for a business to contact.

So, such as, a potential customer searches for “search engine optimisation consultant” or whatever the service needed is, a company will easily beat it’s competitions for new business if their website pops up in the first few result of what search engine provides. That is exactly what a search engine optimisation consultant does, they work within the website and search engines so that there’s a greater chance of that happening.