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The Case For Organic Ranking

Do not be deceived, ranking high on Google “alone” doesn’t bring you business, and yea, spending thousands of dollars on Google AdWords doesn’t get you leads either. Read this case study and learn what actually bring in the business.

Project summary

Crash Symphony Production is a Sydney based music producing and voice over company. This is a company that has worked with some of the biggest names and brands in the music and movie industries across Australia the United States. Crash Symphony has a SEO company who has been working with them for over 1 year but the result wasn’t there to show for it. The challenges were getting new businesses through the door and getting American artists who came visiting from the united states to work with them.

The Strategy

When we took over, we straight away analyse data collected in Google Analytics to understand why new businesses wasn’t coming in, we also analyse keywords American artists uses to search music and movie production companies in Sydney when they are visiting. We put a strong strategy together and actioned the plan.

Proven Results

Within two months, their director called in and said, whatever we are doing is working great. Four months later, our director flew down to Sydney to meet with Crash Symphony, and in their director’s own words he said; “I am so glad I signed up with you guys, before you came on board we didn’t know if we were going to survive, now we are in business again”. And right there as the two directors chat, calls came in and he said; see what I’m saying, that was another new client who has found us on Google and wanting to work with us”.


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Amazing Team!!!!! Highly Recommend!!!!! I’ve spent many years engaging with SEO companies to increase my business online visibility. I can confidently say that Dami, Kimika and the team at DGreat Solutions have been a incredible to work with and they are extremely committed. Before doing business with them I did a huge amount of research about which company I would like to work on our SEO. I had been to many providers in the past that were dishonest and shady. I love the way DGreat Solutions communicate and work to achieve the goals that are extremely important to my company. They do all of their work in-house and keep it domestic. I’m very happy with their work and recommend them highly to everyone. Thank you DGreat Solutions!!!
James Englund

Head Of Production, Crash Symphony Production


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