SEO Packages For All Businesses

Getting the right SEO Package that fits perfectly into your business budget is imperative to the success of your business. Every successful business runs on a successful budget. That is why we have put together some fascinating SEO packages that will fit into every business budget regardless of the size.

The worldwide web has evolved over the years. Unlike back in the days when all we need is to put up a website and all is hunky-dory. The evolution of search engines guided by Google has lead all businesses and personal websites to do more than usual.  It is not enough just to build a website and get it found on all search engines. Google has now come up with several complex algorithms which get changed multiple times every day, making it very challenging to keep up with. Over the years, we have endeavored to study and get ourselves familiar with Google’s algorithms from penguin to panda and the everyday changes that come with it. And finally now we have the penguin 4.0. So with this expensive experience, we have built our approach to successful SEO campaigns.

Our work flow is always open and transparent. We have worked hard to differentiate ourselves from other SEO service providers that promise HEAVEN only to deliver HELL. Our deliverables are very realistic and achievable.

Google’s algorithms can be divided into two major parts

Google’s algorithms are divided into LINK STRUCTURE and CONTENT. The Link Structure can be subdivided into two parts: internal link structure and external link structure. The internal link structure is the link structure on your website. Our strategy is to build around an acceptable internal link structure that Google bot will find very friendly to traverse. The external link structure, on the other hand, is the links from other websites pointing to your website, also known as backlinks. One of our strategies is to submit your website to quality local directories for valuable backlinks and other Google recommended article directories.

This process takes a lot of effort and time because directories will take about one to three months and some directories take up to six months before approving each website. Hence, the reason why we allow at least three months for all SEO works to propagate.

All the link structures need to be properly laid out for Google bot to traverse effectively. Doing this professionally is the only true way your website can outrank your competitors. Another interesting fact about our approach is that we do not just want to rank your website, we want your website to bring in clients and that’s when we put our Human Computer Interaction (HCI) skills to work.

Contents are fairly easy to trail. Google requires you to write a fresh content of about 1200 words, preferably every week. This is because the worldwide web is becoming highly competitive and only content with higher density can outrank other contents with lower density.

SEO Packages And Inclusions

What We Are Offering You

Google AdWords management includes:

  • Keywords research;
  • Campaign creation;
  • Negative keywords management;
  • Landing page creation;
  • Sales conversion implementation;
  • Mobile Ad optimised with call tracking;
  • Desktop Ad optimised with conversion tracking code.

SEO deployment includes:

  • On site SEO implementation:
  • Internal link building using the artificial intelligence mapping;
  • H1 to H4 tags on all relevant pages;
  • Alt tags on all images;
  • Image optimisation;
  • Image resizing for easy rendering by google.
  • Keyword analysis.
  • Location specific keyword targeting.
  • Off-site SEO implementation:
  • Feed burner content delivery;
  • Back link building;
  • Local directories submission;
  • Article submission;
  • Guest blogging;
  • Guest posting;
  • Social bookmarking;
  • SEO oriented content writing.
  • Google fetch and render.
  • Site map creation.
  • Unique landing pages for money keywords;
  • Sales conversion oriented pages.

Social media management includes:

  • Blog posting on all social media;
  • Facebook advertisement;
  • Social media ROI monitoring;
  • Brand building via social media present;
  • Facebook re-marketing;
  • Demographic targeting;
  • PPC Facebook Advertisement.

Digital marketing includes:

  • Email marketing:
  • Requires Get Response Software for email campaign;
  • Requires existing client database.
  • PPC remarketing:
  • Media design that follows customers around;
  • PPC remarketing budget is required.
  • Social media remarketing:
  • Minimal budget is required.
  • Google webmaster tool
  • Demographic analysis:
  • Age group targeting.
  • Location analysis.
  • Content marketing:
  • Content marketing for backlinks;
  • Content submission to article directories.

SEO Packages And Pricing

The prices below are subject to your budget. You can decide to go higher than the maximum price we included in this proposal which means more time and resources will be spent on growing your business.

  • $1500 budget inclusion:
  • SEO implementation;
  • Google analytics tracking;
  • Google AdWords of less than 25 keywords;
  • For Google AdWords with more than 25 keywords, $500 management fee applies;
  • Digital marketing;
  • Google webmaster tools;
  • Website restructuring and development;
  • Social media management;
  • 2400 words of articles per month;
  • Monthly website health check;
  • Monthly SEO reporting.

  • $1100 budget inclusion:
  • SEO implementation;
  • Google analytics tracking;
  • Google AdWords of less than 25 keywords;
  • For Google AdWords with more than 25 keywords, $500 management applies;
  • Google webmaster tool;
  • 1200 words of article per month;
  • Monthly SEO reporting.

Low Budget SEO Packages And Pricing

We offer every business the opportunity of growth with our SEO packages. Regardless of the SEO packages we have included on this page, we welcome all business owners that are looking for customised SEO packages to give us a call or request a call back from our website and we will be more than happy to work with their specified budget.

Rich Snippet

With all new rich snippet, we are able to help your business stand out from the crowd. Research has shown that 99% of searchers are more likely to click on website with good reviews. We are able to put our programming skills to work by implementing a Google’s approved Rich Snippet on your website, then it will appear on Google results.

SEO packages

Thank You

Thank you for your interest in DGreat Solutions SEO packages. We strongly believe that we can outperform your expectations with steady and consistent improvements. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or email via quotes@dgreatsolutions.com.au. We are looking forward to help your business grow.

DGreat Solutions Team