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What is Search engine optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation can be defined as a project managed process that aims to promote a website’s position towards the top of the search results for particular keywords. Search Engine Optimisation is a process of optimising the website as per guidelines of the search engines. It describes the process of getting a website or a web page to the top of a search engine’s unpaid ranks list. The science behind it is clear-cut, even for those of us who consider ourselves technical novices: the higher up you are in, say, Google’s ranks, the more likely people are to click on your web page and buy your product.
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Why Do I Need seo?


Generally, people visit a website to find out information, answer a queston or service a need. So, if you are a service based business and people are going to Google to find someone like you to fix their problem or whatever it may be. It would be in your best interest to show up infront of that person. 

SEO is the driving force of modern day business, it is what continues to outperform most other forms of advertising as the people searching for your service are ready to buy. It has a lost cost entry and has long lasting results, IF it is done correctly. We have been doing this, day in day out for the past 4 1/2 years and have see amazing results for all our clients.

So how do we do it?

Search Engine Optimisation Technique

Basically, there are three techniques for search engine optimisation.


Directory Submission: It is the important technique in Search engine optimisation to create in coming links to a website through indexed page and category.


Keywords Generation: All search engine optimisation needs some words to elaborate information based on these words. Keywords should be of your organisation on the subject. This process can be proceeding by different online tools like word tracker, Yahoo keyword selector tool, Google Adwords.


Link Exchange: To start up any website for any business we need reciprocal link exchange with other websites. It is the procedure to get link from other website and other website get links from your website.

Criteria For Site Optimisation

For a new website to be optimised for the given keywords, it needs to have some technical issues checked:

  1. Meta descriptions or Metadata keywords.
  2. Keyword analysis.
  3. Title Tags.
  4. Page content.
  5. Headlines Tag.
  6. URL structure and domain.
  7. Image Tag.
  8. Page Load time.
  9. XML site Map.
  10. Meta data using schema.
  11. Site map.
  12. Robot.txt.
  13. 404 error.
  14. Duplicate contents.



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