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Google Penalty Recovery Services

Getting your ranking back from all four Google penalties

Just before we dig deep in the subject, let us first give a precise definition to what Google penalty is. What is Google penalty? This is a case whereby Google’s algorithm designed to look for and hold accountable potential misuse of search engine optimisation on a website, actually find potential malpractices of the same and holds the website accountable. If your website is under any of the below penalties, you will definitely need a Google penalty recovery service. There are many ways to get caught up with these algorithms, we will briefly discuss them in the topic below and you can check our up-coming blogs for more info. But for now, let us look at all available penalties your website may be experiencing.

Penguin Algorithm Penalty

This algorithm was rolled out by Google in April 2012. The aim was to target those websites that are engaging in spamming backlinks, bad backlink acquisition, or those webmasters exchanging backlink for money. Google’s main focus has always been the user. They work tirelessly on how to better improve search results being serviced to consumers(searchers). They believe that every website has a good chance of improving their organic ranking by simply publishing great articles or content that focuses on readers. Contents that help people with what they are actually searching for. When your goal is to helping users, automatically, they will recommend your website to those looking for similar assistant, hence, creating natural backlink building. If your website has been caught by this algorithm, your ranking will experience a sharp drop and gradually, you’ll start loosing your business to your competitors.


Panda Algorithm Penalty

Google’s panda penalty algorithm was an update that was designed to aim at low quality contents on web pages. Panda was birthed in February 2011 to help webmasters and content marketers alike understand how serious Google is about helpful contents. If you run a website on copy and paste scheme and you are still ranking high with that page, be sure that Panda is bound to get you sooner or later. Creating valuable contents on your website does not only help your ranking increase, it also help your audience trust your products or services. More than ever, it is imperative that your audience connect with you via your web pages and your content is the key to that.

Other Penalties 

Penalties such as Fred and manual actions

March 2017 was the day this uncategorised penalty was born. At first most people wondered when Google will come out with a big announcement about the latest update. Social media was rocking with questions and webmasters were scratching their heads as to what their fate would be. After so much pressure on Gary code name @methode on twitter, one of Google’s team members responsible algorithm updates, he was forced to give it a name. And the name was FRED!!! Gary later admitted that they role out at least three updates every day. However, they are most likely not major updates. Therefore, he said any non-major update would be called FRED. This algorithm update targets a wide range of things. However, we can categorise them as Google guidelines, any websites that does not comply with the giant search engine will be caned by FRED. If your website is filled with thin contents, or you have spamming ads popping out to audience when they land on your web page, you can be sure that FRED is coming for you.

The last penalty we would briefly mention is the manual action. This is a case where one of Google’s team members manually examine your web pages and backlink structures due to suspicious activities brought to their attention, and penalise your website. In this case, the technical analyst responsibility for the manual action would send your webmaster a message. The message will detail what you have done wrong and a request for you to make this right and follow up with them. Manual actions are relatively easy to spot and fix because of Google effort to reach you. Every other penalties are difficult and require a specialist to help you gain your rankings back. If your website is experiencing a sharp drop in ranking, its probably time for you to get a Google penalty recovery services checked out.